Genuine Cardiocare Stethoscopes - Cleveland

Genuine Cardiocare Stethoscopes — Cleveland

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The CardioCare Stethoscope provides an amazing 37% more sound than the leading cardiology Stethoscope.

The Delrin chestpiece prevents ambient noise from entering the sound chamber, allowing clear and pure sounds to be heard. Even in a noisy environment, patient sounds can be heard through multiple layers of clothing. Perfect for listening to heart and lung sounds, bowel sounds, fetal sounds, and even great for taking blood pressures. The pressure sensitve diaphragm enables the listening of both high and low frequency sounds without the need to switch to a bell.

We back our confidence in CardioCare Stethoscopes with a warranty (see specific models for details).


Student and wholesale discounts available.

  • Cleveland, Ohio, United States
  • Feiner Ave., Cleveland, Ohio, US
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