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PODS Operates in 42 States, Canada & Australia — Cleveland

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PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) uses the Podzilla lift mechanism. Podzilla lifts your PODS-brand storage container gently up from the bed of our truck and places it on your driveway/parking lot.

The container stays level at all times.

Our competitors often use a roll-off truck, which causes the container to tilt, often shifting contents around and causing damage.

When ordering, always ask how a portable storage container is delivered.

PODS is great for moving you across town or across the country. You can load your own container, or you can work with our packing and loading partners, United Van Lines and Mayflower Van Lines, to have your containers loaded for you.

Right now, we are running several pricing specials, for local moving and storage customers. If you store your stuff in one of our climate-controlled Storage Centers for 3 months or more, you pay no Delivery or Re-delivery charges of any kind. Just one low monthly rental price of $149 on the container. Our 12 foot container is even cheaper. You pay once per month, not all up front. This is for people who are moving from one part of greater Cleveland to another AND WHO ARE PREPARED TO PAY FOR THREE MONTHS OR MORE OF STORAGE. Call 800-776-7637 and ask for our BUNDLE pricing, to get that deal.

$149 per month is hard to beat AND WE DO THE DRIVING. And here is a helpful hint. The longer you rent the container, the LOWER the monthly rent becomes. The price actually DECLINES over time.

And you save even more if you go to PODS.com and book online. Even if you don't choose the BUNDLE deal, you can still save money by booking online.

Our standard container is 8 feet high, 8 feet wide and 16 feet long. It generally holds about 1500 square feet of a person's home.
We use the proprietary PODZILLA® lift system which is designed to keep your container level and minimize shifting of contents. It gently lifts your PODS® brand storage container from the bed of our truck onto your driveway. The PODZILLA lift system is only available from PODS.

Our local (Storage Center) phone numbers is 330-422-0381.


  • Cleveland, Ohio, United States